Star-Lord WIP

Anonymous asked: You drew a sketch of my friend , can you sketch me :) ?

It really all depends, Anon. To be honest, it’s more a question of ‘will I’ since I get many requests and I’m picky about who I choose to draw portraits of. For example, I ‘d be more inclined to draw you if you weren’t anonymous. ;)

I painted this at work today.
Happy Batman Day!
Sketch comatose-bat
Judge Anderson WIP
Judge Dredd in progress
Here’s a proper scan of my Maleficent sketch
Maleficent sketch -
( sorry for the crappy photo )

iammrjohnson asked: I love you artwork of blink and I was wondering if you've done Halle Berry's storm? And also do you do request?! Sorry if this is a lot but your artwork is fascinating!!!


Thanks for the message! I haven’t done any other xmen characters yet but I’m open to suggestions. Feel free to pass some along if you have any.