Monster Squad Mummy in progress…
ohthumbelina - black and white prismacolor pencils on toned paper
On the drawing table tonight:
Leonardo - Black & White Prismacolor pencils on toned paper.
In progress detail…

samluvninjaturtles asked: I just started following you & seeing you amazing art pieces/sketches so I want to let you know your so great & amazing at it! =) Also wanted to ask what brand/type of colored pencil do you use? Like for that casey jones one you did. It just fits so well I wanted to know =) & how'd you learn to cross hatch so well?! Thank you haha

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my drawings :)

I use Prismacolor Colored pencils for my sketches. I prefer to use Cachet Earthbound Recycled sketchbooks because I like the smooth texture and medium tone of the paper. About the hatching, I’ve never had any formal lessons, just lots and lots of experimentation. I’m doing what feels good to me and I guess I’m lucky that it looks okay too! Haha

"Oooh, who’s the babe?"
Billy Brown WIP

Anonymous asked: I just saw your Guardians of the Galaxy sketches on instagram and I simply have to say that they're incredible! If it isn't too much trouble, I wanted to ask you for some drawing tips or just wanted to know if you use any references or you use grid for your drawings. Sorry for bothering.. Keep up the amazing work

Hi, thanks for the compliments, I’m glad you like my drawings!

I don’t use grids for my work, but I find that lightly sketching out contours is helpful. If you find that using grids makes it easier for you, then do what feels comfortable. I like to keep myself motivated by striving to be better than I was yesterday. Don’t get discouraged if some of your attempts fail to meet your expectations.

The most important thing to know about drawing, or anything for that matter, is that if you want to be better, just practice. And when you’ve practiced some, practice some more. And then when you’re tired of practicing and think you’ve done all you could, CONTINUE PRACTICING. Everyone has the ability to draw, it just takes time and effort. Some of it comes easier for others, sure, but always remember that it is a learned skill.

Just have fun and keep your pencils sharp!

'Purple Grain' board I painted at work today ( pictured is the Bakery Team Leader of our store )